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Find out why we are a certified EcoWorldHotel

Above all when we speak of the environment, it’s important to move from words to deeds, and do so soon, because the Earth has already sent us too many unequivocal messages.

This is why we are proud to be able to tangibly demonstrate all the aspects that prove our constant commitment to environmental protection and eco-sustainability.

Bio Food & Beverage

The food and beverages served in the restaurant, at breakfast and in the bar derive from certified organic and biodynamic farming that certifies the absence of chemical pesticides. Some of the breakfast products are procured from producers located within 150 km from the hotel. We use some local and fair trade products. Wherever possible the chef uses fresh, seasonal, locally procured products.
We also have dishes for vegans and vegetarians and can suggest the most suitable dishes for guests with food intolerances. We have gluten-free products and dishes for people with coeliac disease at breakfast and in the restaurant.
80% of the bottles on the wine list are Italian biological and/or biodynamic wine.
The single-use napkins in the restaurant, at breakfast and in the bar are certified by PEFC, FSC or Ecolabel, trademarks that guarantee responsible management of forests, respecting the economic and social system.
We are committed to the fight against plastic, replacing the traditional bottles both at the bar and in the minibar with glass bottles. We offer, for sale, comfortable bamboo bottles, that are light, resistant, dishwasher safe, biodegradable and BPA-free. Besides, we have also eliminated plastic straws, preferring those made of compostable material.

BioArchitecture and furnishing

The structure has created the first Feng Shui Eco-friendly Room.
There are two eco-apartments designed in accordance with the principles of bioarchitecture (e.g. Made in Italy FSC certified parquet). 95% of the furnishing is made-in-Italy.
The furniture in the hall and Biologic Bar is made of recycled cardboard and FSC wood.
All the inside walls of the hotel have been painted using natural and photocatalytic ecological paints.
The mattresses are “Trust in Textiles” certified, tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. They are also hypo-allergenic, anti-mite and fire-retardant.
More than 50% of the textiles used in the hotel (table linen, bed linen and bath linen) has environmental certification. The textiles are made by Orio Team, in Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified pure cotton that guarantees the absence of any harmful chemical substances or allergenic dyes.
The hotel has an ornamental and recreational green area, a garden, in which there are lawns, hedges and a variety of plants that promote drainage, environmental requalification and regulate the micro-climate. The garden area covers more than 50% of the total area of the hotel.

Cleaning and hygiene

To reduce the use of plastic, we have installed certified ecological soap dispensers in the bathrooms. On request, Ecolabel certified ecological courtesy sets are provided.
Certified ecological detergents that are 98% biodegradable in 24 hours are used so as to protect the groundwater, the guests and the staff. Moreover, the staff are trained on the correct dosage of the detergents to use so that they do not use more than the amounts recommended in the instructions.
The spaces are sanitised using ozone and the surfaces are disinfected with alcohol based products at 75%.
We use an eco-friendly laundry: towels, sheets and tablecloths are in OeKo-Tex standard 100 certified cotton, guaranteeing the total absence of allergenic or carcinogenic dyes.
We use a special cloth, that does not require the use of detergents, and warm water to clean some surfaces (e.g. windows, mirrors, etc.).
Toilet rolls and paper towels are Ecolabel and/or FSC certified.
We do not use chemical air fresheners but we can provide, if requested, diffusers with top quality, 100% natural essential oils suitable for use as food flavouring, as air fresheners and as cosmetic products.

Green Communication

The hotel’s business cards and brochures for marketing/promotional purposes are printed on eco-compatible paper.
To reduce the use of paper, we prefer to use email for communications and documents. Indeed, our management system is digitalised. When documents have to printed off, we use 100% certified ecological paper.
We prefer to use the QR Code where possible, such as for the menus; in any case, we have a few printed menus for clients who don’t have a device with them at the table. On the menu there are biological, biodynamic, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes marked with the relative logos/signs.
We provide information and advertise the activities of the eco-hotel and the territory on social networks.
We identify the biological products with labels on the breakfast buffet.
Eco-sustainable information is provided in all the rooms to help reduce waste. In particular there are: signs close to the courtesy set to give information on their correct use; guidelines informing guests on the frequency of changing and washing bed linen; eco-recommendations that can be displayed using a qr code on the desk in every room, with an invite to save water, privileging the the use of the waste basket, to separate waste and to switch off the lights when you leave the room.
The environmental policy is shared with the staff.

Separate waste collection

The hotel adopts a separate waste collection system with specific containers for glass, plastic/metal and aluminium, paper, food waste and general waste in accordance with the town authority’s instructions. Corks, dead batteries, used cooking oils and grease are also collected and disposed of separately. Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is delivered to the manager of the public waste collection service. Moreover, many of the suppliers use recycled and/or recyclable packaging for the food products.
There are eco-recommendations in the rooms with important advice on how to reduce the environmental footprint, including instructions for the correct separation of waste. In the rooms the waste baskets have 3 separate compartments, one for plastic, one for paper and one for general waste.

Energy Saving

The hotel has a supply agreement with an energy provider whose electricity derives wholly from renewable sources.
More than 60% of the light bulbs installed in the rooms and common spaces are LED or energy class A.
The hotel has an automatic switch on/off (twilight) system for the outdoor lights and the rooms have a magnetic card to control the lights and electrical voltage in general.
There is a temperature regulation system in the rooms for both the radiators and the air-conditioning. Indeed, the guests can autonomously control the temperature of the room both by regulating the radiators and choosing either hot or cold air for the A/C system.
All the windows of the rooms have double-glazing and have a sufficiently high level of heat insulation and an appropriate level of sound-proofing.
There are eco-recommendations in the rooms with important advice on how to reduce the environmental footprint, including energy saving.
The dishwasher in the hotel’s kitchen is connected to the domestic hot water network.

Water Saving

The garden is watered at sunset and early in the morning by an irrigation system fitted with a timer.
In the bathrooms there is an eco-sticker inviting guests to use the towels responsibly, asking them to place in the washbasin only those for which a change is required.
In the room there are cards raising awareness on the frequency of washing bed linen.
Flow reducers have been fitted on the taps of the rooms’ washbasin, bidet and shower.
The average flow of water of all taps is not more than 6 litres/min, while the flow of the showers does not exceed 8 litres/min.
There are eco-recommendations in the rooms with important advice on how to reduce the environmental footprint, including water saving.

Choice of green suppliers

The hotel favours certified green suppliers with a short supply chain and eco-sustainable products/services to guarantee high quality and fully respecting the environment.

Sustainable Mobility

The hotel offers its guests a bike sharing service. Indeed, you can use the Milan Bike-Mi service to move around the city on two wheels. The hotel provides cyclists with a kit for small repairs. There is a cycle path a few metres from eco Hotel Milano that connects the city with Parco Nord, for a length of more than 10 km.
On request, eco-Hotel Milano organises a transfer service for its guests to and from Orio al Serio, Milano Malpensa and Milano Linate airports.
You can buy tickets and get a timetable for the public transport in Milan at reception, allowing you to move around the city without polluting and without the stress of looking for a space to park because of the traffic.
At reception you can also get a map of the city indicating the underground stations so that you can visit the main tourist attractions on foot and by public transport.

Promotion of culture and the territory

We have created a Green Experience Guide to promote a local network of sustainable tourism in Milan, in partnership with local companies that share our environmental philosophy.
To give an example, we support Eco Shopping, that is, sustainable fashion characterised by: items made of recycled materials, biodegradable or recyclable fabrics; craft and ethical productions; and sustainable practices such as vintage.
We support the 5-R’s waste management model (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and then Recycle).
Another example is the partnership with a local association that organises Nordic Walking activities. Guests can receive brochures and tourist information on Nordic Walking.
We host an exhibition of artworks created with ecosustainable materials and practices such as old wooden boards, used paintbrushes and cork stoppers.
At reception you can also get a map of the city indicating the underground stations so that you can visit the main tourist attractions on foot and by public transport.

Actions with high social impact

Cork stoppers are collected to help green building projects with social utility developed by the non-profit organizations “A Braccia Aperte” and “Artimestieri”.
The hotel is completely accessible to people with disabilities, even if unaccompanied.
The hotel is family-friendly: there are three multiple rooms, communicating apartments, services dedicated to families with twins (e.g. high chairs, cots and cribs).
The hotel is dog-friendly: we welcome dogs. There is a network of local dog-sitters, to help tourists who want to take their dog on holiday with them but who can’t take it into museums or other places of interest.

Standard 100 by OeKo-Tex

More information about the Standard 100 by OeKo-Tex that certifies the cotton our towels, sheets and table linen are made of can be found here.

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