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Discovering a greener city

A greener Milan is what is around us, a city is trying to shake off the grey fog and pollution and become increasingly eco-friendly.


Visiting Milan also means visiting the major places of historical and cultural interest such as Piazza Duomo, the square that houses the majestic cathedral, symbol of the city from which it takes its name.

The magnificent Sforzesco Castle with the close-by Sempione Park, Brera or Palazzo Reale, not to mention Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or the Teatro alla Scala; well, there are so many fantastic things to see.

A new,
Greener area

3 km from Eco-Hotel you will find the Porta Nuova and the close-by Isola districts.
Redevelopment has made this one of the most pleasant areas in the city, seen as a natural continuation of the old city and characterised by massive improvements from the point of view of environmental sustainability.
The redeveloped area, which stretches to Porta Garibaldi, also includes large green areas that encourage people to stay out in the open air and exercise.

Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest)

Near the Gardens of Porta Nuova stands the Bosco Verticale(Vertical Forest), that stretches up two buildings (111 and 78 metres high) on which more than 900 trees grow.
It is estimated that Milan’s Bosco Verticale can accommodate as many plants as 7,000 square metres of a “normal” horizontal forest, giving life to the unique and extraordinary co-existence of modern architecture, technology and plants, able to reduce temperature swings, produce oxygen and absorb particulate matter.

Gae Aulenti,
the “Piazza of the future”

In the new smart district of Porta Nuova, between the stations of Porta Garibaldi and the Isola district stands Piazza Gae Aulenti, celebrated by the Landscape Institute for its technological innovation.

Thanks to the special photovoltaic windows, the square not only allows passers-by to rest on benches from which they can admire the skyline of Milan but transforms the light of day into electricity which powers the majestic and futuristic skyscrapers around the square.

The greenest

In short, this is a changed city that is still growing and improving and that is looking to the future with an ever greener eye, a Milan that offers visitors a multitude of activities and places to discover.

Our hotel is just a few minutes on foot, 300 metres to be exact, from the yellow line underground stop that will allow you to move around and reach the main places of interest in the city without using the car and thus reducing pollution and smog.

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We’ll tell you all about Nordic walking, flying yoga, phytotherapy stores, holistic massages, wellness centres in line with our philosophy, car and e-scooter hire, electric car recharging points and more.

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