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A new way
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In fashion-forward Milan, a new way of thinking and choosing

Milan and Fashion, a rock solid marriage.

But what fashion and what shopping, to follow a greener and more sustainable lifestyle? Indeed, because years ago the Big Brands made high quality items, designed to last and become evergreen classics but today, increasingly, we follow fast fashion.

Obviously, the environmental impact of this new trend is significant and for this reason everyone should try to manage their wardrobe in a more informed way, as our mothers and grandmothers did.

Vintage and second hand,
beautiful and possible

By far, the world of vintage (and second hand) is the most ethical way of shopping. Breathing new life into a garment, without buying a new one, reduces the environmental impact and not only. You can buy top quality garments at a more affordable price, given that they are second hand.

In this way you can buy better garments at a lower price, you help the planet and your wardrobe will be unique: You certainly won’t walk into a party and only to find your friend wearing the same dress as you!

The advantages
of the circular economy

At the same time, buying vintage and second hand clothes helps you become part of the circular economy: you will find yourself more inclined to pass on clothes you no longer use, giving life to a virtuous circle, to the benefit of nature.

Ask us for advice and we can direct you towards a type of informed eco shopping. You can buy ecological and biological products, visit small craft shops where you will find something unique and 100% made in Italy.

When you book your room you will also have the chance to make an appointment with a personal stylist & shopper or a make-up artist who will help you, giving you advice on shopping in Milan and on how to enhance your image for a special occasion or a ceremony.

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