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A flying yoga

Breathing and meditating … in the air

We all know the benefits of even just one yoga lesson. The well-being of the mind and that of the body fuse into one, in a new dimension in which we learn how to understand and listen to ourselves.

But have you ever heard of Flying Yoga? It is certainly a really interesting idea to enrich your Milan Experience, as a guest of eco Hotel Milano.

Flying Yoga is an art, a discipline that improves the flexibility of the back and helps to relax the muscles. Yoga, combined with the suspension of the body in the air in special hammocks, favours the total relaxation of the body and improves blood circulation.

Flying yoga can also be practised in pairs, improving the rapport with your partner.

Contact us for events or lessons and get ready to enjoy the benefits of this authentic green experience, for a unique, magic and … aerial moment.

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