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Advance payment conditions differ depending on the rate. Enter the check-in and check-out dates to check the conditions for the dates selected.

Yes. The amount due will be paid at the hotel when you check in, except for the Non Refundable rate. The hotel has the right to pre-authorise guests’ credit cards for the cost of the stay. At check-out you can choose whether to convert the pre-authorisation into payment. In this case, the owner of the pre-authorised credit card must be present at the time of payment. If you choose to pay in cash or with another card, the pre-authorisation will be released by the hotel on the day of check-out. The release times are those set by the interbank networks. In the case of cancellation, modifications and no-shows or a non-refundable rate, either the entire amount or the cost of the first night will be debited, depending on the conditions of the rate chosen.

Cancellation conditions vary depending on the type of rate and the booking date. Enter the check-in and check-out dates to check the conditions of your choice.

No, pre-authorisation will be cancelled automatically after around 20 days. In the case of cancellation, if you want to cancel the pre-authorisation too, you must ask for this; in any case, the release of the pre-authorised amount depends on the conditions of your bank.

Yes, Euro 4.00 for the rooms in the hotel and Euro 3.00 for the apartments and rooms in the dependance. This amount is per person, per night.
Ask reception for information about any exemptions.

From 14:00. Early check-in is possible for a small surcharge if the room is available.

By 11:00.
Late check-out is possible for a small surcharge if the room is available.
A limited number of suitcases can be left in reception after check-out.

At check-in, a credit card must be provided and each guest must have an identity document with photo. You can check in on-line before you arrive at the hotel.

Children under the age of 18 accompanied by at least one parent can stay in the hotel if they have their own identification document. If not accompanied by a parent, they can stay in the hotel only if accompanied by an adult and with a declaration of consent issued by the parents of the minor, accompanied by a photocopy of the parent’s identity document.
Minors cannot stay at the hotel if they are not accompanied by an adult, even if they have an identification document.

Yes. If you need a parking space the cost is as follows: Euro 15.00 per day for cars, Euro 8.00 per day for motorbikes and Euro 18.00 per day for vans. There are a limited number of spaces; they can be booked on the day of arrival depending on availability.

For reasons of safety (for example, to manage the situation in the case of a fire). Also, it may be necessary to move the car to maximise the space.

Yes, we have special products for people with coeliac disease, marked with the crossed grain ear and gluten-free symbol, including bread, corn and rice crackers, cereals, cup cakes, angel cake without milk, rice biscuits, and 5 different types of bio milk. You should let the hotel know if you need these types of products when you book.

Certainly, our staff will be pleased to put a crib in your room. Please indicate this need when filling in the booking form. The cost is Euro 10.00 per night, per crib.

Your pets are welcome. Please indicate the number of days you will be staying; the surcharge for pets is Euro 10.00 per day. Please note that law provisions state that pets are not allowed in the breakfast room but our Eco Staff will be happy to welcome you, along with your pet, in the Biologic Bar or on the veranda where you can enjoy all the breakfast products of our Bio Buffet.

Yes, it’s true; our minibar is not your usual minibar, it’s special.
Our passion for biological products, shared by many guests that are now friends of EcoHotel Milano, has spurred us to create a special Minibar Pack.
Buy the pack to savour an excellent biological prosecco included in the price.
Ask at reception if you want to buy a minibar pack.
Our minibar pack includes:
• 1 bottle of biological prosecco
• 1 bottle of still water
• 1 bottle of sparkling water
• 1 can of orange juice
• 1 can of Coca-Cola
€ 8.00
The choice of drinks is interchangeable.

We are happy to take care of your medicines for you; the reception staff will show you where you can store them at the right temperature. Italian law prohibits keeping medicines in minibars because they don’t function at the right temperature for their storage.

Yes, some of the rooms don’t have a bidet; if this is essential for your stay, please let us know when you book so that we can suggest a room with a bidet.
Single rooms: don’t have a bidet. If it is essential you will have to book a double room single use and always indicate your choice when you book.
Multiple rooms: some multiple rooms don’t have a bidet. If it is essential for your stay please let us know when you book.

The “Affori Centro” station on the yellow line is just 300 metres from Eco Hotel Milano.
This is a strategic line in the city because it is the one that can take you to central station (5 stops), Via Montenapoleone (8 stops) and Duomo (9 stops). To reach the new zone of Milan “Porta Nuova” with Piazza Gae Aulenti, get off at “Zara” on the yellow line (3 stops) and change to the
lilac line; get off at “Garibaldi FS” (1 stop). In practice, you can reach all the main places of interest on the yellow line; ask at reception for directions and a map of the city and underground system.

Yes, our reception staff can book a taxi for you. There are two ways to do this: – you can book a taxi in advance, indicating the time it is needed at the hotel. The taxi will arrive at the hotel at the agreed time; a surcharge of Euro 12.00 will be charged for the booking on top of the price of the taxi itself. (Note that the Euro 12.00 cost of the taxi booking varies depending on the taxi; no amount will be paid in the hotel. The hotel offers this service free of charge.) – you can call a taxi when you want without booking; ask reception to call one for you. Please bear in mind that the time it takes for the taxi to arrive at the hotel depends on the traffic. It usually takes 5/10 minutes to reach the hotel and the meter will have been running since the taxi was called. For longer trips, such as transfers to and from Orio Al Serio, Milano Malpensa or Linate airports, EcoHotel La Residenza offers a private transport service.

Yes, we offer this service. A chauffeur will be waiting for you at the airport at the agreed time. The transfer service must be booked in advance; the cost depends of the number of people, the time and the day of the week.
Please contact reception.

Malpensa, Orio al Serio and Linate airports are connected to Milan’s central station by a frequent bus service.
Malpensa is connected to central station also by the Malpensa Express railway:

We are happy to provide our guests with an ironing board and iron that they can use in the communal areas of EcoHotel Milano. Ask at reception. Fire-fighting provisions prohibit the use of irons in the rooms.

In accordance with privacy regulations, please contact reception if you want to receive phone calls, packages or other correspondence at the hotel. Our reception staff will ask you to sign a form giving your consent to let it be known that you are a guest at the hotel and, therefore, receive messages, telephone calls, visits and packages addressed to you. Without this consent we cannot transfer phone calls, messages, allow visits or deliver packages.
Packages or correspondence cannot be received or left before or after the dates of your stay; if this is necessary, we will be happy to provide you with details of an external paid deposit service.

We comply in full with regional and national rules and regulations.

No. 3 yellow underground line, direction “Comasina”, get off at “Affori Centro” (5 stops).

No. 2 green underground line; get off at “Centrale”. Change line and take the no. 3 yellow underground line, direction “Comasina”, get off at “Affori Centro” (7 stops)
No. 4 lilac underground line, get off at “Zara”. Change line and take the no. 3 yellow underground line, direction “Comasina”, get off at “Affori Centro” (5 stops)

No. 3 yellow underground line, direction “Comasina”, get off at “Affori Centro” (8 stops)

Niguarda hospital can be reached on foot from the hotel in just 10 minutes, entering through the A&E.
Or on the yellow underground line, direction “San Donato”, get off at “Maciachini”. Then take tram no. 4 and get off in front of the hospital’s main entrance.

Galeazzi hospital can be reached in just 15 minutes by bus no. 70 (5 stops). The bus stop is just 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

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