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The restaurant

Open also to non-residents, perfect to savour fantastic risottos made from local produce and not only!

Edo, our Organic Chef, is lucky because he has the best ever sous chef: nature.

Our menus are conceived to transform top-quality BIO raw materials into true experiences of the Mediterranean cuisine, giving priority to local produce and more than 90% of the ingredients come from organic and biodynamic farming (so no chemicals are used on the crops. Contact us for more information about the specific principles and practices of biodynamic farming).

“Wellbeing” menu dictated by the seasons

The BioRiso restaurant serves more than 100 different dishes throughout the year, following the natural cycle of the seasons.
Of course, being in Milan, the star of the show is risotto, in all its delicious versions.
Not to mention the main courses, side dishes, deserts and special recipes created for guests with food intolerances.

When choosing our dishes, we avoid fried food because the oil is not biodegradable. However, don’t fret, you can still enjoy our yummy French Fries because we use an air fryer.

Our main Bio supplier is Naturasi

friendly restaurant

All the dishes on our menu can also be served gluten-free.
Because, also by its nature, rice does not contain gluten but also because we have added some base ingredients (for example, biological stock cubes which are excellent and gluten free) to eliminate food contamination.

BioRiso is one of the most important biological restaurants in Milan informed on coeliac disease by AIC (Italian Coeliac Disease Association) whose staff have been trained on the right behaviour to adopt both in the dining room and in the kitchen (hands and work surfaces cleaned correctly, clean and specific utensils and clothing; suitable and “gluten-free” ingredients; uncontaminated water and oil; specific oven; marked plates; uncontaminated espresso coffee).

Our garden

To celebrate the arrival of the fine weather, we have created the outdoor terrace where the most demanding sweet tooth can relish a coffee or fresh and tantalising aperitifs.

Delicacies to discover
and take away

After discovering the cornucopia of taste and well-being offered by nature in the restaurant and/or at breakfast, you can buy the products in our Bio-Shop to take home with you and continue to eat healthily!

Other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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